Cannes is expensive. And far. And you’re stuck in NYC.

So we’re offering a small taste of Cannes. In a can.

Join us in NYC for rosé, music, and schmoozing on a yacht.

Hell, if you squint hard enough,
even the Hudson can look
like the Riviera.

June 21 - 1:30-4pm - RSVP for Boarding Location

Ready for your taste of Cannes?

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need an excuse to go yachting
in the middle of the day?

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Each can of our premium, French rosé is lovingly hand-wrapped in the finest water-resistant material, affixed by almost state-of-the-art adhesive technology. The label’s kind of all we can talk about since we didn’t actually make the wine. But trust us - it’s delicious.

the Fishes' Choice Award

Le Gout de Cannes wouldn’t be complete without an award, so Fishbowl will be presenting the winner of the first-ever Fishes’ Choice Award on the Yacht.

The award will go to the best creative work from the past year as chosen by your fellow agency colleagues. Get the app on the App Store or Google Play to nominate and cast your vote.